5 Reasons to Try Affiliate Marketing

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Published: 29th October 2012
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Affiliate marketing is a great way to make a lucrative income, right from the comforts of your own home. Not only do you partner with merchants and business owners to increase brand awareness but you also drive traffic in exchange for your share of the corporate profits. Plus, the really cool thing is that you donít even need your very own products or services to make a great income. You simply need savvy marketing and sales skills combined with a bit of creativity and the sky is the limit for your income potential.
For instance, last holiday season, 70% of shoppers bought products online and researchers estimate that this will nearly double as more companies use mobile marketing to complete their shopping online. With this in mind, 2012 is a great time to make affiliate marketing your primary career. Sounds enticing? Most definitely!
Here are a few more benefits of affiliate marketing:
Benefit One: You earn a great income. The majority of affiliate marketers are earning over six figures a year and they receive commissions of 5 to 30% or more. In essence, they are getting paid big money to match prospects with suitable products and services. Some clever affiliates even leverage the power of online marketing strategies, like articles, blogging and press releases to give them a sales conversion ratio of at least 3% or more. Not bad for a product you donít create and donít have to process.
Benefit Two: Your start up cost is low. You simply have to pay for your marketing efforts and put in some time and effort. By doing this, you will reap the benefits of your actions. Think about it like this Ė as an affiliate marketer, you donít have to find a market, create an expensive product, be involved in order fulfillment or handle customer service issues. Instead, you simply focus on marketing and you get paid huge commissions.
Benefit Three: Youíre in high demand. Most business owners donít have a clue on how to effectively market their products or services. They may have an incredible product but if no one knows where it is or how to find it, the owner will lose money and go out of business quickly. This is why affiliate marketers are so important. Many businesses are looking for affiliates but are also willing to partner with affiliates so they can get their products sold.
Benefit Four: Your skills will carry you through. With the right skills, creativity, drive and a great product, youíre guaranteed to win at the affiliate marketing game. After all, the online market is hot right now and people are in need of quality products that solve their needs. So you will not only make money as an affiliate but youíll also help struggling website owners and people who need those products too. After all, affiliates use their marketing powers for the good of others and they help website owners spread the word to those who need them. By matching your product with the right target, you make money and help others. However, you have to be willing to use your skills to make those connections happen.
Benefit Five: Your income is based on your efforts. There are a number of individuals who are fearful of affiliate marketing because they wrongly assume that it doesnít pay. What they donít realize is that affiliate are paid based on their efforts. As such, theyíll get paid handsomely if they use online marketing strategies like articles, press releases, social media marketing, display ads etc to put the product in front of those people who need it. In addition, clever affiliates realize that theyíll only get paid if they work with reputable partners who will actually pay them the money owed therefore, they are careful whom they partner with.

With over 1.3 trillion people on the Internet every day, and the average number of hours each one spends on the Internet being 66 hours or more, the sky is the limit for affiliate marketers. With the right drive, creativity and skills, you too can reach millions every day. Moreover, since you donít have to create a specific product or service, you arenít limited in your income potential. Just remember that online affiliate program network is essential for your efforts to be realized into something bigger. One of the reputable affiliate marketing network companies is Click2Sell.EU (www.click2sell.eu) which offers products for affiliates to promote and tools how to do it successfully.
Wish you to think about the benefits which are mentioned earlier, use the opportunities and get into the top of most successful affiliates in the world!

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